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Dr. Stephan

Chief Executive Officer and Founder


  • Stephan has over 20 years in the German healthcare industry and has a 360 degree perspective into all sectors of the healthcare industry.
  • On behalf of IKK e.V., he was a voting member of the Federal Joint Committee.
  • Stephan is an Innovation and Business Development Manager for Digital Health.

„Telemedicine and digital ecosystems make it possible to easily address medical needs by means of low-threshold services. All stakeholders in the healthcare system benefit from efficient management. At the same time, this control is the basis for high patient satisfaction, because it offers fast and targeted medical help.“

Dr. Roberto
Va Calvo

Chief Medical Officer


  • Roberto is a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, passionate about medicine and likes to think outside the box.
  • 12 years of experience in leading positions in international digitization projects in the field of artificial intelligence for integrated telemedical patient management.
  • Roberto is a telemedicine physician working in the areas of medical quality and physician education.

„Telemedicine and artificial intelligence ideally complement physical medicine and can significantly relieve doctors in their day-to-day work. They also promote scientific transfer between and within disciplines, a prerequisite for high-quality, digital medical care.“


Chief Information Officer


  • Andreas has been an entrepreneur in the IT sector since 1995. In 2010, he founded and has since been managing director and shareholder of his own IT company Vialutions in Wroclaw/Poland with over 40 employees.
  • After completing his studies in computer science, he was able to significantly expand his background at the Lufthansa Group in various IT roles and functions.
  • Andreas is a specialist in digitalization for business processes in manufacturing and healthcare companies.

„Digital transformation is a necessity in all ventures. We are constantly seeing new and innovative startups pushing the boundaries of digitalization and finding that they are not only developing great programs, applications and processes, but shaping the future.“


Chief Technology Officer


  • Andreas has been an entrepreneur in the IT sector since 1989 with a focus on custom software development in the HealthCare and Pharma sectors.
  • Since 2019 additionally employed at the StartUp Neo Q in the role of CTO.
  • Andreas is a leader in building development teams and process management up to CE certification according to MDD and MDR.
  • He is no stranger to the topic of data protection.

„The precise definition of export interfaces and the development of data lakes and big data structures, taking into account the DSGVO guidelines, are decisive criteria for a strategic product orientation.“

Med. Sebastian

Chief Operation Officer



Dr. Elmar

Chief Data Officer


  • Elmar is a mathematician, physicist, and philosopher with a focus on complex systems analysis and the design of AI-enabled cognition.
  • 13 years of experience in international mathematical research with a focus on machine learning.
  • 7 years of experience in AI startups as Head of AI.

“The opportunity for humanity as a result of an expansion of its own cognition through artificial intelligence is twofold: Intelligent algormithic services for complex problems such as medical diagnosis will firstly enable us to deepen our understanding of many e.g. medical phenomena. Autonomous algorithms that draw conclusions in their own way will secondly enable us to qualitatively expand our creativity and range of services for e.g. medical tasks.”

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