Medical Algorithms

Technology and medicine are constantly evolving. Your choice of the optimal support for clinical decisions is for high-quality treatment and efficient processes in hospitals.

Med-Triage’s medical algorithms provide a tool, to disentangle the tense situation in the central emergency room. This is done in accordance with the current policy requirement to redesign of emergency facilities and the guidelines of the Federal Joint Committee.

The decision-making algorithms are a corporate innovation that can be made via a very efficient decision process within the framework of a medical dialogue of a maximum of 8-10 questions to complete the assessment for initial medical assessment about the emergency can be completed.

This special approach meets three requirements, which we have linked in a novel interdisciplinary way:

An optimal determination of the treatment urgency and treatment location

Patient perceptions and the ease of designing digital ecosystems

Maximum reduction of the number of questions in dialog with the patient for optimal usability

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