Room to Breathe

We route your emergency patients where they belong. Quick, effective
and at the highest medical level. For each stage of the stationary
emergency care, we have an integrated, digital, medical triage solution.

Emergency departments are increasingly overburdened by patients,
who feel like an emergency, but are not necessarily one.

With the help of our digital first decision tool, you will be able to
Have up to 15% of your patients cared for outside the emergency department.

What we do

We are adapting 20 years of telemedicine experience for the German care situation to solve the most pressing (literally) problem of emergency care.

Our medical triage significantly reduces patient waiting times. Urgent emergencies can be better taken care of immediately.

The basis of emergency medical triage

We provide for your relief


  • Efficient and economical processes in the emergency outpatient department
  • Immediate attention to the patient through an interactive initial assessment app
  • Integrated digital medical care and active involvement of on-call services


  • Immediate treatment of real emergencies
  • Immediate attention through a hybrid process
  • Digital routing to suitable and correct service providers

Nurses & Physicians:

  • Stress reduction in the emergency department
  • More resources for the real emergencies
  • Better time management

Impact figures


of hospitals had to completely deregister their emergency departments at least once in 2022. Massive economic imbalance of hospitals.
(Source: German Hospital Federation)


of nursing staff in hospitals rate the situation in emergency departments as very tense to tense.
(Source: German Hospital Federation)


of hospital medical staff rate the situation in emergency departments as very tense to tense.
(Source: German Hospital Federation)


of the 25 million emergencies could have been treated as ambulatory care.
(Source: Aqua Institute)


of the hospitals see poor integrated care with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in the context of emergency care.
(Source: German Hospital Federation)


of hospitals in Germany do not even participate in emergency care.
(Source: Estimate of the BKK Bavarian Association)
The time is ripe for a structural overhaul of emergency care: „Helping patients in need quickly and effectively is the goal of good acute care. To do this, we need to break up and reorganize existing structures. The guiding principle must be that care is provided where it is medically appropriate.

Quote Prof. Karl Lauterbach 2023 Federal Ministry of Health

The history of Triage

Where good medical care was available but resources were scarce compared to demand, medical triage proved to be a valuable tool for managing those same scarce resources for the benefit of patients. These situations were most evident in past wars. It so happens that the French surgeon Dominique-Jean Larrey is considered the “father of emergency physicians” and the inventor of triage.

To help as many wounded as possible on Napoleon Bonaparte’s battlefields with very limited medical resources, he set up mobile ops on horse-drawn wagons, the first emergency stations, and divided patients into different emergency groups. Medical triage was born. Even today we commemorate this fact by using the French word “triage” for this valuable instrument.

Today, medical care is experiencing less dramatic but no less significant shortages in the emergency departments of our hospitals. Too many patients cram into crowded emergency department waiting rooms. Patients have to wait too long before they can benefit from the scarce patients can benefit from the scarce resources of emergency medical care. The stress factor to which physicians and nurses are exposed by such excessive demands is too great.

Med-Triage can be the tool to mitigate this situation for the benefit of all involved.